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Region 3 Information and Services

Parishes Served:

St. John the Baptist, St. James, Assumption, St. Mary, Terrebonne, Lafourche, St. Charles

Region 3 - Contact Information:

Phone: (985) 876-8875

Hotline Numbers:

Region III's 1-800 Crisis Line is answered twenty-four hours a day. The number of "The Line" is 1-800-535-3694.

Crisis Procedures:

If you are a relative or concerned friend, and you believe a person to be harmful to themselves or others and/or unable to function due to possible psychosis or a severe psychiatric problem and the person is unwilling to come in voluntarily for an evaluation, then you may contact the coroners office in your parish and request that they issue an Order of Protective Custody (OPC) for the individual.  After the OPC is issued, then the coroners officer or a police/sheriff officer may pick the individual up and transport them to the nearest mental health center or the after hours location for an i.e., hospitalization, medication, outpatient therapy or perhaps no treatment at all, in which the individual may be released.

Persons in crisis may walk into any mental health center or satellite and are evaluated by the crisis worker.  The crisis worker arranges for evaluation by a psychiatrist if needed.  The worker then makes disposition as needed.  If hospitalization is needed the worker contacts the Single Point of Entry Coordinator for referral to an acute unit or other services.  Persons in crisis may call mental health centers at any time.

Mental Health Center and Satellite Phone Numbers:

  • 24-hour The Line:  1-800-535-3694

  • Terrebonne Mental Health / Terrebonne Psychiatric Recovery Center Program, Houma:  (985) 537-6823 OR (800) 840-7758

  • Lafourche Mental Health Center, Raceland: (985) 537-6823 OR (800) 840-7758

  • River Parishes Mental Health Center, LaPlace:  (985) 652-8444 OR (800) 709-2635

  • St Mary Mental Health Center, Morgan City:  (985) 380-2460 OR (800) 481-6682

  • Assumption Satellite Mental Health Program(985) 526-1699 OR (800) 526

  • South Lafourche Mental Health Satellite(985) 632-2175 OR (888) 655-8719

Night-time (after 4:30 P.M.), Weekend and Holiday Crisis Procedures are as follows:

Person in crisis calls crisis line and as needed is directed to Chabert Medical Center E.R. for triage by OMH Region III Face to Face Crisis Worker. This worker evaluates the client and if required has the E.R. physician do a psychiatric and medical evaluation. If the client requires hospitalization the Face to Face Worker arranges for hospitalization in an acute unit. If other referral is required the worker arranges for this.

**Please note: In the event of a physical/medical emergency, such as suicide attempt to an overdose, slitting of wrists, gunshot wound or any other physical injury requiring any medical treatment, dial 911 or go immediately to the nearest emergency room for medical treatment.

Admission Procedures:

The client contacts any mental health center or satellite for an intake appointment.  At intake the center then evaluates to determine if a client meets admission criteria.  If admission criteria are met the client is admitted and given a continuing appointment based on problems presented and diagnosis.  The admission criteria is based on consumers having a significant serious emotional illness for at least three months duration.

Center Services:

All clinics provide both adult and child mental health services including psychiatric evaluation and medication.  Services in each center include group, and individual therapies, medication and medication management and referral to other community services such s case management and housing programs.  Crisis situations are evaluated at anytime and admission is determined after the crisis has been resolved.  After-cares are accepted from psychiatric hospitals and are subject to each center admission criteria.  All of the centers in Region III have an out-reach component. There is a Children’s Response Assertive Team (CART) in all the centers of Region III for those children who are in crisis.

Clinics may refer to the following contracted programs for additional treatment and housing support for consumers:


  • START Corp. Consumer Residential Adjustment Training Program, Houma
  • START Corp. Transitional Living Facility, Region III

  • START Corp. Adult Acute Respite Beds, Region III

  • Options Inc. Case Management Community Support, (Lafourche Parish)

  • Options Inc. PATH Emergency Homeless Housing Support, Region III

  • Options Inc. Individual Housing Placement Service, T.L.C. Houma

  • Options Inc. Terrebonne Clinic Community Consumer Field Services, Houma

  • Options Inc. Adult Consumer Resource Funds

  • Terrebonne Alliance for the Mentally Ill Family Resource Center, Houma

  • Gulf Coast Teaching Family Services Supported Home Living Program, Houma

  • Gulf Coast Teaching Family Services Consumer Drop Inn Center, Houma

  • Gleason Services – After Hour Crisis


  • Options Inc. Children’s Community Assertive Treatment Program, Region III

  • Options For Youth – Big Brothers/Big Sisters

  • Gulf Coast Teaching Family Services Camp Nuff Respite Camp for Children

  • Gulf Coast Teaching Family Services Consumer Resource Funds

  • Gulf Coast Teaching Family Services – Family Preservation

  • Louis Infant Center – Respite Care

  • Gleason Services – Crisis After Hour Services

  • Children’s Coalition

  • Louisiana Federation of Families – Children’s Advocacy


  • START Taddy Village Single Apartments

  • START Magnolia Apartments

Acute Unit Services:

The Chabert Memorial State Hospital in Houma provides adult psychiatric acute unit services. When beds are not available acute units at St. Charles Community Hospital, Luling and Medical Center of Louisiana, New Orleans are normally accessed.  Nearby private hospitals such as Terrebonne General Psychiatric Unit, Houma and Teche Medical Center, Morgan City can be accessed for private pay and Medicaid clients on request.

Children/youth acute hospitalizations are accessed through New Orleans Adolescent Hospital, New Orleans and South East Louisiana State Hospital, Mandeville.

All acute units services are routed through the Region III Mental Health Single Point of Entry Office at (985) 876-8878.

Support Groups:

Information on support groups and training may be obtained through the Region III Parent and Consumer Resource Center known as the T.A.M.I. Resource Center in Houma.  T.A.M.I. offers the Journey of Hope Training for families at various times during the year.  The phone number is (985) 868-0555.  Various support groups and supportive organizations operate through the region.  This resource center is operated by the Terrebonne Alliance for Mentally III.  Groups are offered at all the mental health centers in Region III.

There are respite services for children through the Children’s Assertive Response Team.