We sadly send our thoughts and prayers to Dr. Gary Birdsall family, friends and his wonderful staff. Dr. Gary was a long time Deputy Coroner for Lafourche Parish and his dedication was outstanding.


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**Dr. John C. King, Coroner of Lafourche Parish has brought this office to par with larger Coroner Offices in the state.**

Our goal is to assist the publice from community education and to resources available on our web site.

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# **Mission Statement**

Through our actions we represent those who can no longer represent themselves.

Provide quality services as required by law or mandated by the public in order to enhance the health, safety, and general well being of the citizens and guests of Lafourche Parish.

To assume jurisdiction over persons who come to their death suddenly, or where the death is caused by unnatural or unlawful means ensuring that decedents and their survivors are treated with the highest levels of dignity and respect.

Ensure that investigations are carried out in an expeditious and professional manner, and maintaining the highest level of sensitivity and compassion to the surviving loved ones during their time of grief.

Work in partnership with other organizations toward the reduction of preventable deaths.

Provide educational presentations and continually serve as a resource to the public regarding the field of medicolegal death investigation.

Our purpose is to serve our fellow citizens by protecting the public's health and safety, participating in the criminal justice and health systems, and providing data for vital statistical purposes.

In accordance with Louisiana Revised Statute 13:5713 The Lafourche Parish Coroner's Office conducts independent investigations in Lafourche Parish. The purpose of these investigations is to determine the manner and cause of death and ensure that the circumstances surrounding the death are understood and explained.

Dr. Gary Birdsall was one of Lafourche Parish Deputy Coroner’s serving many years. Dr. John C. King and the entire staff sends our prayers and kind thoughts to Dr. Birdsall family, friends and his wonderful staff. for details.