Lafourche Parish Coroner's Office will investigate all deaths in Lafourche Parish. We have well trained investigators and work closely with all law enforcement agencies.

Requirements for Reporting Deaths to the Office of Coroner LA. R.S. 33:1563

Duty to hold autopsies, investigations, etc.

The coroner shall either view the body or make an investigation into the cause and manner of death in all cases involving the following:

Suspicious, unexpected, or unusual deaths.

Sudden or violent deaths.

Deaths due to unknown or obscure causes or in any unusual manner.

Bodies found dead.

Deaths without an attending physician within thirty-six hours prior to the hour of death.

Deaths due to suspected suicide or homicide.

Deaths in which poison is suspected.

Any death from natural causes occurring in a hospital under twenty-four hours admission unless seen by a physician in the last thirty-six hours.

Deaths following an injury or accident either old or recent.

Deaths due to drowning, hanging, burns, electrocution, gunshot wounds, stabs or cutting, lightning, starvation, radiation, exposure, alcoholism, addiction, tetanus, strangulation, suffocation, or smothering.

Deaths due to trauma from whatever cause.

Deaths due to criminal means or by casualty.

Deaths in prison or while serving a sentence.

Deaths due to virulent contagious disease that might be caused by or cause a public hazard, including acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

Coroner's jurisdiction is generally determined by the type of death, and/or the parish of domicile.

It is necessary that the Coroner of the parish in which the death occurs does an initial investigation in order to determine jurisdiction. Thus, all deaths required to be reported to the coroner should be reported to this office and this parish will be responsible for notifying other Coroners, if appropriate.

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