Dr. John C. King
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Dr. John C. King, Coroner

Dr. King was born and raised in Gadsden Alabama. He graduated Emma Samms High School in 1976. He attended Marion Mililtary Institute fom 1976-1978 followed by Birmingham Southern College in 1980, where he received a B.S in Biology/Chemistry. After graduating college he completed his medical degree in 1985 at St. Georges University of Medicine. Following this he completed an externship in internal medicine at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, and an internship in Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania. He then attended the University of Alabama, Birminghham where he completed his residency in Internal Medicine.

His career in South Louisiana began in 1987 when he attended Alton Ochsner Medical Foundation to pursue a fellowship in Pulmonary Critical Care medicine. During this time he worked in the Houma, Thibodaux area, where he decided to settle with his wife and 2 children. He is board certified in Internal medicine, and has 16 years experience in internal and Pulmonary/ Critical Care medicine, working at Chabert Medical center, he also has gained much experience working in emergency medicine for the past 21 years.

His decision to become Coroner for Lafourche Parish was made after disscussions with his predecessor Dr Coolridge Franklin. After much thought and family support, he decided that this would be an excellent way to continue to serve his community. On May 30th an emergency meeting was assembled by the Parish President, Ms. Charlotte Randolph, and he was appointed to complete Dr Franklins term as coroner until a special election is held in October 2008. During his 6 months special appointment, he hopes to improve the Coroner’s office and it’s relationship with local law enforcement, parish hospitals, and the parish government judicial agencies in the area, with matters concerning the Coroner’s duties.


Lafourche Parish Coroner

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Mark A. Goldman

Mark A. Goldman has been assisting Lafourche Coroner's Office and the Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Office for over three decades in death investigation. He proudly holds Board Certification as a Diplomat American Board Medical Death Investigation and is a P.O.S.T. Certified Instructor for many law enforcement agencies. Mark is very active in drug/alcohol awareness as a motivational speaker for elementary and middle schools. Forensic Investigator for the SE Serial Task Force.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Criminal Deviant Behavior Oct 1988

National Law Enforcement Institute March 1988 Homicide

Saint Louis University School of Medicine Medico legal Death Investigation Training 1989

Jefferson Parish Coroner's Office Death Investigation Course 1989

P.O.S.T. Certification State of Louisiana 1990

Jefferson Parish Coroner's Office April 1990 Death Investigations

Southern Institute Forensic Science Nov 1991 Gunshot Wounds

Jefferson Parish Coroner's Office Death Investigation Feb 1992 Advanced Interrogation

Dade County Medical Examiners June 1992 Forensic Photography

Jefferson Parish Coroner's Office Death Investigation Nov 1992 Criminal Investigation

Southern Institute Forensic Science Oct 1992 Scene Reconstruction, Arson/fire, Rape/Homicide/Child

Southern Institute Forensic Science April 1993 Forensic Ballistics

Rollins College Oct 1993 Questionable Deaths Accident/Suicide/Homicide Cases

Federal Emergency Management Agency May 1994 Mass Fatalities

U.S. Dept of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation Feb 1995 Death Investigation

Jefferson Parish Coroner's Office Jan 1995 Gangs

Jefferson Parish Coroner's Office Nov 1995 Death Investigation

Rollins College Dec 1995 Investigating Unusual Deaths

Tulane University Medical Center July 1996 SIDS State Certification Investigator

The University of New Haven Henry Lee Institute of Forensic Science Feb 97 Crime Scene Reconstruction

Jefferson Parish Coroner's Office Dec 1997 Crime Scene Reconstruction

Jefferson Parish Coroner's Office June 1998 Advanced Death Investigation, Alternate Lighting

Louisiana Coroner's Association March 1999 Death Investigation

Interview-Interrogation with Forensic Statement August 2000

Major Crimes & Homicide Conference December 2002

DNA Profiling For Criminal Investigation March 2002

International Homicide Investigations Seminar August 2002

FBI Quantico, Va. Forensic Investigation course

Cold Case Investigation August 2003

Pre-hospital/Management of Traumatic Brain Injury Instructors Course June 2004

D-ABMDI Certification 2005-2010 2010-2015

Front Page 2000 8 hour course

Beginning PowerPoint 2000 8 hour course

Advanced PowerPoint 8 hour course

A+ Certification 40 hour course

A+ Certification 64 hour course

NHIPP E-Commerce Design Track 40 hour course

Server Administration 40 hour course

NHIPP Site Designer Track 40 hour course

Beginning HTML 40 hour course

Advanced HTML 40 hour course

NHIPP Site Designer Track 40 hour course

Novel 560 Network 5 Administration

1587 Introduction to Programming

MS Visual Basic 6

Advanced Homicide IPTM June 2006

IHIA 2006 Symposium August 2006

CDC Train the Trainer SUIDS Sept 2006

OSHA 16 hours Training New Orleans February 2007

FBI Homicide Workshop March 2007

IHIA 2007 Symposium September 2007

LOPA Conference December 2007

D-ABMDI Re-certification 2010

IHIA Basic 40-hour Homicide Course New Orleans 2010

DNA Amplification for Forensic Analysts Dec 2011

Collecting DNA Evidence at Property Crime Scenes Dec 2011

SUIDI: Death Scene Re-Creation NIJ 12/2011

SUIDI: Infant Growth and Development NIJ 12/2011

SUIDI: An Overview and Top 25 Critical Points to Consider 12/2011

Non-STR DNA Markers, SNPs, Y-STRs, LCN and mtDNA NIJ 12/2011

DNA Evidence: Investigators and Evidence Technicians 12/2011

LAW 101: Legal Guide for The Forensic Expert 12/2011

DNA Evidence: First Responding Officers 12/2011

Crime Scene and Basics for Forensic Analysis 12/2011

Advance and Emerging DNA Techniques and Technologies 12/2011

DNA Extraction and Quantitation for Forensic Analysis 12/2011

Communication Skills, Report Writing & Courtroom Testimony For Forensic Expert 12/2011

Laboratory Prientation and Testing of Body Fluids and Tissue for Forensic 12/2011

STR Data Analysis and Interpetation for Forensic Analysis 12/2011

opulation Genetics and Statistics for Forensic Analysis 12/2011

A Prosecutor’s Notebook 12/2011

Amplified DNA Product Separation for Forensic Analysis 12/2011

Ochsner/LOPA Criminal Justice Seminar 2017

Drug Seminar NIJ 2017

Opioids & Death Investigations 2017

Fighting Opioids Epidemic 2017


Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries Boating Instructor

Instructor Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Academy

Instructor LaFourche Parish Sheriff's Office Academy

Instructor Louisiana Association National Registered Emergency Medical Tech New Orleans

Instructor Jefferson Parish Schools Drug Seminars

Instructor Lafourche Parish Schools Drug Seminars

Instructor East Jefferson Emergency Medical Service

Instructor West Jefferson Emergency Medical Service

Instructor Gretna Police Department

Instructor Westwego Police Department

Instructor St Tammany Sheriff's Office

Instructor Grand Isle Police Department

Instructor Louisiana State Police

Instructor Pre-hospital/Management of Traumatic Brain Injury

Instructor SIDS Investigation

Trainer SUIDI/SIDS Atlanta, Ga. 2007

Instructor Houma Police Department

Louisiana Peace Officer Association 1990 SUIDI and Role of Coroner

Instructor South Lafourche Ambulance Service

Department Health & Hospitals 2008 Instructor SUIDI

Department Health & Hospitals 2011 Instructor SUIDI

Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency 2010 SUIDI

Instructor International Homicide Investigator Association 40-hour Basic Homicide Course New Orleans 2010

Instructor International Homicide Investigator Association 40-hour Basic Homicide Course Hoover , AL 2011

Instructor Louisiana Peace Officer Association 2013 SUIDI and Role of Coroner

CDC SUIDI Prevention Seminar Guest Speaker 2014

Tennessee Department of Health and MTSU March 18, 2014 Knoxville Guest Speaker

Tennessee Department of Health and MTSU May 28, 2014 Nashville Guest Speaker

LOPA Annual Employee 2016 New Orleans

Instructor Fletcher College Instructor 2016, 2017

Instructor Kaplan Police Department 2017


Active Member Louisiana Homicide Investigators Association 2005-Present

Active Member International Homicide Investigators Association 1989-Present

Active Member International Association of Coroner and Medical Examiners 1989-Present

Active Member Louisiana Coroner Association 1988-Present

Organizer MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) New Orleans Area Chapter 2000

Vice President International Homicide Investigators Association 2002-2004

Secretary International Homicide Investigators Association 2000-2002

Vice President Louisiana Homicide Investigators Association 2005-Present

California Homicide Investigators Association

International Forensic Professionals Association

Lafourche Parish Children & Youth Board 2009-2011


  • State of Louisiana vs. Brian Bibbs
  • Hurricane Juan rig Accident 10 fatalities
  • Largest house fire 11 fatalities 2005
  • Hurricane Katrina 2005 300 + deaths investigated
  • 2005-2007]()
CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE SE Louisiana Serial Murderer Task Force/


  • America 's Most Wanted show solving a high profile homicide case
  • ABC Mystery death utilizing the internet case
  • MSNBC Forensic Investigators


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Dr. Patrick Walker

Practice: Terrebonne General Hospital

Dr. Patrick Walker specializes in internal medicine and emergency medicine in Houma and Thibodaux, Louisiana.

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Jamie is one of our lead investigators with an extensive background. She is also Boaard Certified and proudly holds her D-ABMDI Certification.

Jamie is proud mimi to two granddaughters.



Angela comes to the Coroner's Office with vast amount of experience in the medical field from physician clinics to Respiratory Practice

Angela is excited to be part of the Team and we welcome her! Angela has an extensive medical background and will serve as a Secretary and Investigator.

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Angela Adams


Kayla Benoit

Kayla Benoit


Welcome to our staff is Ms. Kayla Benoit serving as a Forensic Investigator. Kayla is recently married and lives in Larose. She is excited and doing a fantastic job. Her background is working in the ER at Ochsner St Anne and as an Emergency Medical Technician.


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Angie Matherne is from Des Allemands and is happily married to Gary with 3 children. She is a former EMT and attended the Medicolegal Death Investigation course. Angie is a proud "GraNa" of "Jackson James" and Clayton Joseph


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Dr. Jack Heidenreich is a Deputy Coroner and has his practice at Ochsner St. Anne in Raceland. You can usually find him on a golf course!

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Dr. Camille Pitre is a Deputy Coroner and has her practice at Lady of Sea Family Medical Center.

She loves to fish and enjoy her time off in Grand Isle.

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Dr. Kerry Shaver is an Internal Medicine Physician in Thibodaux. He was appointed and sworn in as one of our Deputy Coroner's for Lafourche Parish.

Dwana Bailey
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Dwana Bailey is our Pathologist Assisant and comes from Jefferson Parish.

She also works with for many years with the outstanding Regional Forensic Center in Jefferson Parish.

Dwana is spending a lot of time with her new grandson!

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